November 27, 2014

Fishing Tourneys

Have you ever joined a fishing tourney?  They look like a lot of fun, and I’d also love to try and win some prizes.  The other tourney that I tried to register to had a great prize pool with the winner making over $10,000.  Hey, that’s not bad for doing something I love to do.  I had a dream last night that I caught the big one, so maybe that dream will come true if I am able to join one of these fishing tournaments.

I think in order to get in one tournament you have to win a qualifier tournament in order to compete with the pros.  You can’t just get in a tournament by enrolling, you need to get approved or win your way to get into the tournament.


Vintage Tackle Contest: Western Fishing Lines

By Joe Cermele I know what you're thinking. How many interesting things can be said about old fishing line? Well, what if I told you this Western Fishing Line, entered into the vintage tackle contest by Scott Cottle, has direct ties to the the … [Read More...]

The Bimini Twist

  Fly Fishing Knots I first saw the Bimini Twist tied fast, efficient and to perfection by Daniel our guide when we went Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica.  He used hands and feet to get that knot in place. I’ve been looking for a place online that … [Read More...]


After years of fishing  we all have our favorite lures that we gravitate towards. These are lures that we may enjoy because they just happen to fit our fishing style. These may be baits that are known to catch quality  fish day in and day out. … [Read More...]

Any hockey fans out there?

I love watching hockey.  My team is the Kings, but I don't mind watching any teams play.  Yesterday was a horribly depressing game for my team.  We tied the game up with less than a minute left, but gave up a goal in the final seconds of the game … [Read More...]

Have you seen the latest TV episodes?

I love watching tv shows and following the characters as the show develops. One of the best shows that I love to watch is the Big Bang Theory. All the characters have a great sense of humor and I don't remember too many episodes I didn't like. The … [Read More...]

Last trip of 2012

Even if you can't go out fishing very often in the winter, if you are able ot go for a few hours you'll probably be able to catch somethign.  Just check out what this guy was able to do in a short period of time.  Sure sitting in the cold really … [Read More...]

Saltwater Fishing Gear

Fishing is not that fun.  I've never understood people's love with the sport.  You sit on a boat and you throw a piece of string into the water and hope a fish bites onto a hook. My buddy told me how much money he's spent on saltwater fishing gear. … [Read More...]

Saltwater Fishing Tackle

  Have you gone fishing recently?  The weather is getting cold, but if you live in California, you'll sometimes get a nice random break in the cold weather and get a nice break with some warm weather.  I love going out with my saltwater fishing … [Read More...]

Have you heard about the new 10XD?

UPDATE 1-10-13 - Stike King 10XD are available in online stores, like here!   Sounds like Sam had a great day out fishing with his new equipment.  I heard that with his new bait, he also added penn precision reel grease into his bag of tricks and … [Read More...]